Gregg Cohen

Here's what I believe, summed up in two sentences.
"Everything is negotiable. Everything."
"If you think you have a good deal, chances are, you can do better."
To be clear, this is not my newfound philosophy as an Office Leasing Specialist. It explains my entire professional working life.
Twenty years on Wall Street in sales and trading earned me a unique set of skills. 'Service' in this world was only ever at an executive level, so the need for a thorough analysis of complex situations was always time-critical.
It was no different when I launched a boutique financial research firm later on. Experience builds on experience, as they say. Especially when it's learned through mistakes: one of my steeper learning curves, and a reason I'm where I am today, is that as a new business owner, I knew nothing about the art of negotiating an office lease.
And it is an Art, I understand that now.
Then, I didn't appreciate the magnitude of the business decision that leasing an office really is. Assessing a space for the value it offers, the pitfalls, regulations, market rates, and trends, data inputs… and the ability to negotiate the Deal… is a job in its own right. And a very time consuming one at that.
Ultimately, here's how I sum up my role:
"I look at what I do as increasing your bottom line, and giving you back your time, to allow you to focus on your day job of running a business."
Anyone can just show you space.