Avi Ben-Ishay
Avi Ben-Ishay

Mr. Ben-Ishay began his Commercial Real Estate career in 2007. He has been involved in transactions raging from 2,000 to 30,000 square feet in Manhattan and Long Island City. Throughout his career, he has planned and advised a whole scope of different companies, ranging from Media, Law Firms, Consulting Agencies, Manufactures and Diamond Dealers. His strategic approach to all of the components of a real estate transaction has served to minimize the occupancy costs and maximize the effectiveness of real estate for his clients. Mr. Ben-Ishay and his partners represented Bel-Oro International, a subsidiary Berkshire Hathaway, a lead tenant to Long Island City for 30,000 square feet. Furthermore, he represented New Amsterdam Coffee Bean & Tea, Ciemme USA, Charles Krypell, Sunrise Capital Partners, Neiger LLP, Lucent Jewelers, Inc. Mr. Ben-Ishay is known amongst his colleagues and clients as a diligent and persistent worker who leaves no stone unturned in a transaction.
Mr. Ben-Ishay received his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Touro College at Brooklyn, New York. He is involved in several community activities. He acts as a treasurer for the Chazaq Organization, an outreach program for Jewish inspiration which hosts close to 800 people per lecture. He is also involved in fundraising for private educational programs.
Avi Ben-Ishay was recently given the company's prestigious Broker of the Year award for his superlative commercial leasing and sales production in 2011.