Negotiation of Offer Terms

You’re now at a point where you pretty well know that you’re either staying put, or you’re moving. We’ve narrowed down the possibilities to a detailed view of two or three top contenders. If a great space is on the market, chances are we’re not alone in pursuing it. It’s always necessary to have a Plan B, and even a Plan C. We’ll start the next process by preparing and submitting our comprehensive offers on your behalf to the ownership of the building or buildings of interest, to which ownership will respond with their counter-proposals. The responses are progressively analyzed and further negotiated to your advantage, and in accordance with your needs. A new detailed review of all the proposals and counter-proposals on the table is conducted with you, and the prime candidate is finally selected.

Review of Lease or Sale Contract

After the essential business terms are agreed to in writing, the lease document or sale contract is prepared. We diligently work with you, your legal counsel and architect/space planner to protect your business with the most advantageous financial terms, to eliminate or restructure any clauses which may bring benefit to the owner or seller at the possible expense or risk of the tenant or buyer, etc.

Continuing Market Research

Until a lease is signed, we never stop searching for the next best deal. It can sometimes happen that a more desirable space will become available in the midst of finalizing a deal. Additionally, even with the best groundwork and the most progress in negotiations, an executed lease or successful closing can sometimes fail to materialize. We never stop our research. We continue to provide you with updates on the status of the marketplace, and we will bring to your attention any new availabilities or market conditions that may cause us to consider changing course.

Lease Execution or Closing of Sale

When all terms are fully agreed to by all parties, we move to execution or closing. We will work to dispose of any expansion or interim premises you may have taken and to assist with the planning of the move, if requested. When the entire transaction has been completed, we will provide you with final financial projections which set forth your actual occupancy costs based upon the final terms as negotiated and executed.

Construction / Build-Out Support

We can act as needed to smooth the way for your space planner to work with the landlord’s contractor or your own, depending on the specific arrangements. We will regularly visit the premises during build-out and render whatever assistance is required in this area.

Continuing Relationship

Whatever the task, your brokers at Norman Bobrow & Company will be there to consult and advise on any issues or questions that arise for the duration of your new lease. Our past relationships can provide you with insight as to how be operate. We welcome you to review our case studies, or to contact anyone on our list of references to find out for yourselves.