Norman Bobrow & Co., Inc. is New York City’s largest independently-owned, New York City-based tenant-representative commercial real estate firm. We do not represent landlords in our brokerage business. This is a key element which sets us apart from most of our competitors. While others may “feature” offerings in a particular building due to their relationship with the landlord, we are never under such obligation. We represent you, the tenant, and strive to help you secure the best space for you, and you only.

Whether you’re planning to relocate or renew – or aren’t sure which yet – we are experienced in every aspect of the challenge, from evaluating your current and future requirements, finding appropriate spaces to your needs, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses, costs and benefits of each space, negotiating the terms of the lease or sale, working with the architect, engineers, and attorneys to make sure that you’ve gotten the best deal possible on the best space available to suit your own unique needs.


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